Coaching Services


For those who are confident writers and want to revise their resume or LinkedIn profile themselves yet need some direction to get started, the coach and review is a great option.

Service includes 1-hour coaching session tailored to your specific needs for content and format improvements, and 1 ½ hour review and revisions in the new, client-provided document.


1-hour session focused on content and format strategies specific to your needs.


1-hour session focused on content, format, and story strategies that will help you stand out.

Every client and their project needs are unique. Therefore, the cost for services is based on complexity and the specific requirements of each project. Coach and review services begin at $95 per hour with a 2-hour minimum. If we are hired for more than 1 service, we will provide a discount for additional services. We also offer student rates for recent graduates.

Many thanks for all your assistance. I secured interviews for both positions. So very pleased and could not have done it without your quick and excellent re-write.

J.M., Executive Director

I just accepted an offer for a great fit! Thanks for all your help. Rewriting the resume to be unabashedly and semantically parallel to the job description was the key. It got me a conversation with the HR staff, which lead to the opportunity I needed to talk, meet, interview, and impress the hiring manager. I start in three weeks.

B.L., Customer Service Manager

In summary, you exceeded my expectations and were able to get things fine-tuned in about a week, that was perfect. Fast, friendly, and helped me get a package put together quickly.

M.B., IT Systems Analyst

I just accepted a position today for a job in Santa Barbra. Thank you for the resume help I feel it got me more interviews.

N.T., Software Engineer

I am pleased to announce that with the help of the redesigned resume I have accepted an offer of employment as a Senior Software Engineer making embedded Linux applications for use with products related to the video broadcast industry. My next position contains the attributes I was looking for, including working with a larger team at a larger company. Thanks again for your help with this effort!

J.R., Senior Software Engineer

Thank you so much for all your help. I’ve looked over the resume, and I think it looks fantastic, and so much more professional than my old one. The keyword guide has helped me focus in on what I need to study and what I already have skill-wise. I’ll make sure to use the guides you sent me as well. Thanks again. It was a pleasure working with you.

R.G., Photographer and Video Editor

I got the job! Thanks for your assistance with my resume and supplemental questions. The application process caused my feelings of self-doubt to escalate, so by the time I called you I was in bad shape. Your work helped me get through that anxiety and get an application submitted (something I considered not doing).

E.B Planning Assistant

Oh, you are a gem! Because of you, I feel confident about my resume skills for the first time, honestly, in my life! Best money and time I’ve ever spent. I’m sure I’ll be back in touch when my next big opportunity comes up. Thanks again, Tifini.

L.S., Art and Brand Image Manager

I am very pleased with my resume and cover letter. I already received a call for a phone interview with an organization I am very interested in. I’m am so pleased to get a call, and that’s because of you!

D. H., Human Resources Coordinator

I am happy to say that I start a new job in an investigatory role with the department of corrections on Monday! I included the first-round resume in my professional portfolio, and I was proud to hand in such a nice document. Our work together was good timing for this new position. Thank you for working with me. I’m glad Bruce gave me your name.

B.W., Investigative Leader

After you finished my resume and cover letter and within a couple of weeks, I had a phone interview with OHSU and was hired on the spot! I’ve been working really hard to transition from elderly care to such a well-known hospital job. This is a HUGE learning curve for me, and one that I could never have achieved without your help Tifini! Thank you for all that you have done to help me in reaching a long-awaited life-changing job placement!


I got a job as an HR Generalist for a local company, and I am very excited about it. Thank you so much for your help with my resume. My new and improved resume definitely did the trick.

S.S., HR Generalist

The resume really looks great, and the LinkedIn page does as well. Thank you for the support, communication skills, and experienced set of eyes. All the materials are higher quality. I enjoyed the entire process.

G.S., Global Finance, HR, and Facilities Program Manager

Thanks for all your help! I got a job with high enough pay at the utility in Albuquerque. We’re moving next week! I got 0 interviews from 5 applications without you, and now I’m 2 for 2 (offers on both) with you!

A.R., Senior Business Analyst

My search will be much easier with the new resume and cover letter. Gives me a boost of confidence.

K.S., Office Manager